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Damian’s Campaign is a fundraising initiative in memory of my friends’ Lindsay and Tim’s infant son. Damian was only with them for seven days after experiencing severe oxygen deprivation during a difficult delivery. 


After significant loss and pain, my friend Lindsay found a way to make her son Damian’s life meaningful. She set out to make an impact in the lives of others that might be in challenging situations. 

Damian’s Innovation Program | 2022

In  2019, Damian’s Campaign hit the 1 Million Dollar mark. Now well over $1.6million and all from the efforts of Lindsay, her husband Tim and other friends and generous sponsors. 

This year Damian’s Campaign is looking to raise $250,000. AND this year a special donor will be matching all donations dollar for dollar.

That is such great news for all the children that will benefit from your generosity. If you are still looking for a way to give back to the community this year, why not help Damian’s Campaign reach its goals? 

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For this year’s campaign, we worked with Holland Bloorview to create “Damian’s Innovation Program” which will be a catalyst for developing new scientific discoveries and help translate them into real-world treatments, processes, and devices for use by kids and families. Some representative projects include:

  • The Holly anxiety meter, a device that measures heightened emotions in individuals with autism and alerts them via a smart device so that they can employ relaxation strategies.

  • The Hummingbird neckband device which allows non-verbal children to communicate by translating vocal cord vibrations into language.

  • The Transitions Resources Guide is designed to identify service gaps and ease the journey from pediatric to adult care for youth with disabilities.

  • A digital storybook with relevant and engaging content for youth with disabilities related to sexuality, body image, consent, diversity, and healthy relationships. This is a significant gap in resources in this area that are available for young people with disabilities.

With a fundraising goal of $250,000 we will be able to bring these, and several other initiatives to action.To help us reach our goal, we have incredible support from the Macquarie Foundation which includes matching opportunities up to $150,000. All you need to do is donate to be matched.

Please consider making a donation to Damian’s Campaign 2022.

With Many Years of Thanks,

Lindsay & Tim

Charities Supported to Date

2018 - Present | Bloorview Research Institute

Amount Raised: $126,706.94

This year the funds will support the initiative to grow the Bloorview Research Institute (‘BRI’). Great things happen at BRI. Its world-renowned scientists are leaders in research into childhood disability and medical complexities. The team at BRI is poised to make transformational discoveries in areas such as concussion, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, anxiety, autism, brain imaging, social participation and inclusion, and communication technologies. 

2017 | Emily’s House

Amount Raised: $150,000

Emily’s House is one of only six pediatric palliative care facilities in Canada, and the only hospice in Toronto. Here, children who are facing life-threatening illnesses, and their families receive support through various types of therapy (art, play, music) as well as spiritual and bereavement care. This is the type of place where you hope to never find yourself, but if you need it, you sure are glad that it exists. 

2016: Project Sunshine Canada

Amount Raised: $108,612


Through on-site educational, recreational, and social programs, Project Sunshine helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety frequently experienced by children and families facing medical challenges. Using an army of volunteers to spread sunshine by offering arts and crafts, reading, special events, massage therapy and stress reduction activities, Project Sunshine strives to normalize the pediatric hospital experience as best as possible.

2015 | Stroke Imaging Lab For Children (SILC)
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Amount Raised: $103,643

A specialized initiative at SickKids, the Stroke Imaging Lab for Children (SILC) serves as the global hub for pediatric stroke imaging research with the goal of improving the diagnosis, prognosis and subsequent treatment for children. Despite being one of the top 10 causes of death in children, , pediatric stroke remains an under-recognized and under-researched entity. In addition, many pediatric stroke survivors face chronic disability and handicap because of deficits in sensory, fine and gross motor, visual, cognitive and behavioral function.

2014 | Blessings In A Backpack

Amount Raised: $71,790

Blessings in a Backpack runs a unique program that feeds elementary school children who have very little or no food at home on the weekends. These children may be supported during the week through various school food programs but they return home on the weekend to very little. Every day in cities across Canada, children arrive to school hungry. This shouldn’t happen. The program works like this: kids take home a backpack filled with food every Friday and return the backpack empty on Monday, ready to start their week. The benefits and impact are immediate: attendance and productivity soar; students report greater attentiveness and improved energy; teachers see improvements in study habits and demeanor; and parents feel relief and support for their own family. It only takes $100 to feed a child for the school year.

2013 | Ontario Track 3 Ski Association

Amount Raised: $50,000

A volunteer-based charity enabling kids with disabilities to discover their confidence, develop their talents and achieve their potential through the magic of snow sports. Over 450 volunteers actively participate at ski resorts across the province to deliver ski-school programs and equipment that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each unique student.

2012 | Holland Bloorview KidsRehabilitation Hospital Foundation

Amount Raised: $101,000

Holland Bloorview is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation teaching hospital, known for its innovative treatments, therapies and programs that help children with disabilities to fully participate in life. Donations from Damian’s Campaign were used to set up and execute a Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) room, which supports children with brain injuries. VRT is a promising therapy that encourages children to participate in therapeutic physical activities in a virtual game context – a fun and motivating way to participate in therapy. In addition to seeding the introduction of VRT at Holland Bloorview, the team was able to use the data and research from this initiative to secure an additional $500,000 grant to further the development of this therapy.

2011 | Sunnybrook Foundation


Amount Raised: $110,957

Within the Women & Babies program at Sunnybrook Hospital, the Campaign funded a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit room in Damian’s name to support the hospitals most fragile infants. As well, the Campaign provided the majority of the funding for the hospital’s Subsequent Pregnancy Program, a unique initiative to care for families experiencing a pregnancy after a previous late-pregnancy loss or neonatal death. Care options are individualized to each woman and her family with the goal of providing expert clinical care with increased sensitivity and continuity.

Damian’s Innovation Program | 2022

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