Creating Divisions in an Open Concept Condo

Modern open concept living spaces are popular for their spacious appeal. However, some people find that they want to create some definition to their space by creating distinct areas such as a living and sleeping area.

A great place to start is an open shelving unit. It will provide a division and doubles as storage. Use it for books and personal belongings to separate a sleeping area in a bachelor suite, or fill it with plates and glassware if you wish to divide in a kitchen area. It can also be used to place decorative items such as a vase or piece of art. The advantage of having open shelving is the ability for light to flow through. For a more private approach, the same idea can be applied by using a traditional bookshelf or two.

A common option is a folding screen. They are simple and easy to stow if needed. A screen with a translucent material will allow light to flow through and still create some privacy.

Curtains are another easy and fairly inexpensive option. Sheer materials will once again allow light to flow through while still offering seclusion. Otherwise, if light and noise are a concern, go for heavier materials. An alternative to drapes is sliding room divider panels on a track. Frosted or translucent panels will give an airy feel and allow the levels of light and privacy to be adjusted, not to mention it could ‘funkify’ the space. If you are going to be installing a more permanent option like a frosted panel be sure to check with your property manager to see if you require permission prior to the installation.

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