Rogers Service Visits in the Greater Toronto Area

A friend of mine’s husband works at Rogers. She sent the following information out via email this morning and I thought it would be helpful to circulate it since it appears to be localized to the Toronto area.

"You may have heard that there has been a string of assaults on women and families recently across the GTA from a group of men posing as Rogers Service technicians. They have access to vans that look like Rogers trucks, appear to be equipped with tools and such and even a legit uniform. Most of the hits have been in North York and East York.

  1. Unless you have a scheduled appointment with Rogers for service they would NEVER ask for access to your home. All the equipment they need (if for example, your neighbour was having an issue and it's a "street wide issue") would be located outside on the street or on the side of your home. They don't need to come in. In some older neighbourhoods equipment is buried in backyards but again, they don't need access inside your home.

  2. All the techs carry photo ID and are required to show it if requested.

  3. Appointments are never scheduled late into the evening so if someone knocks on your door and says he's a service or maintenance tech and needs access, ask for ID and exercise caution.

  4. If you have a scheduled appointment, Rogers will always call ahead with a window of when they will come.

  5. If you have a scheduled appointment, you can request the name of the tech in advance with customer service and be sure to check his ID before letting them in.

  6. A legitimate Rogers service tech will never park in your driveway (apparently that is what the posers are doing) – Legit techs are required to park on the road and place orange pilons around their vehicles.

  7. Legitimate techs are either true Roger's employees or contractors (their trucks will say Under Contract to Rogers) but they have to follow the same protocol as the Rogers techs.

  8. If you see anything funny or that looks unusual (like the tech appears to be peeking inside windows), call the Police immediately."

This is not meant to raise concern. As with all things in life it is best to stay safe, trust your instincts and when in doubt ask lots of questions.