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Real Estate can be an exhilarating business, it can also feel tough. 

We believe there is a better way - where you can do all the parts you love, thrive in your business and do it all with ease.  

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About Jen Dumitrescu


Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve spent almost three decades in sales, with more than 16 years as a successful real estate agent and broker. 

I started my career like most realtors - excited, a little nervous… and completely left to my own devices. Through experience, mentorship, and a zealous desire to improve, Through my consulting services, I now share years of valuable information with new and experienced realtors alike, helping you feel more confident, more organized, and less stressed.

Mindset Matters 

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

– Richard Branson

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At JD Real Estate, we believe in making things easy.

We’re very progressive in that our team likes to make decisions and move forward. We take action. We don’t subscribe to the status quo. We believe that innovation and creative thinking are the keys to building a business that is successful and fulfilling. We treat this like a company, not just day to day transactions

We firmly believe in moving the company forward in an industry that can be very outdated. We welcome new ideas and perspectives. We love hearing innovative ideas about how we can improve. In the words of Alex Van Halen, “ There's nothing worse than having everybody thinking alike, talking alike and having the same direction in mind. It gets stale that way."

Our business thrives because of the systems and processes we use which creates continuity of experience for our clients every time they interact with us. We are also human-centred, and put our team and clients first. We use processes and automations, so that our time and energy is focussed on our clients which allows us to do the fun stuff outside of work

We’re not afraid of giving you fantastic leads because we want you to grow, be here for the long run, and we really want you to do business with clients that you enjoy.

We're serious about what we do but we’re also serious about having fun and working with ease. Our team of experts - from agents, to operations, to marketing - are positive and creative. We bring together the best in our industry to bring new, bigger and better ideas to life.

We’re not like any other team out there.

We believe in sharing, growing together, and that there’s enough business for us all to be successful.

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Residential Rentals/Leasing Agent

Are you a new Agent looking to really get a grasp on the Toronto housing scene? Focusing on rental properties allows you to collapse time in your learning curve and ensures that when you start with your first buyers and sellers, you knock it out of the park. We're looking for someone who wants to hit the ground running and develop a book of leasing clients. Have a peek at the Job Description.

Experienced Real Estate Agent

This role is ideal for either an Agent with experience that is looking to focus solely on working with dream clients and letting us take over all the ‘rest’ or a new Agent looking to learn the best ways to convert leads into clients and actually do deals.  Both positions will be supported by our team and our established processes so those pesky  "entrepreneurial" tasks can be eliminated (bye, bye admin and paperwork!). See what the Job Description says.

Senior Administrative Assistant

This role is for an amazing, super organized, support person to join our team in a (mostly) remote role. This person is a doer and a self starter. We have a lot of great ideas and processes and we need someone to help our team get things done in an efficient way. Occasionally this person will need to be in Toronto to assist with client events and other in-person needs so being in Toronto or able to get into the downtown core with ease will be important! Learn more with the Job Description.

Ready to join our team?

Our team is growing – If you’re a creative, action-oriented person who has a fresh, progressive perspective on real estate, we want to meet you!

Get your resume ready and click the button below to apply!

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