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Add some “spring” into your home decor

Our spring arrived a bit later than many of us would have preferred but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce up your home to make it more summery. Below are 5 key pieces to help create a new look and feel. And the good news is I bet there are some sales happening on outdoor accessories. I have found some great things at Homesense but here are a few other stores to check out (either in person or online):

CB2 (located at Queen & Bathurst)

1. Bold patterned area rug – indoors & outdoors!

Add a bold rug to really make an impact to a plain room.

2. Break the rules in your backyard/balcony

Mix up matchy-matchy furniture to add interest and personality to a your outdoor setting. An easy way to do this is to have a theme ie: Modern, traditional etc. and mix your style pieces. Another way to unify your look is selecting a color theme. Spraypaint is a quick and cost effective method to jazz up an existing piece.

3. ‘Cluster’ light fixtures

One of the latest major design trends is cluster light fixtures, where 5 or 6 lights are bunch together to create a statement light piece. In fact I have seen some people wire together mason jars with light bulbs as shown below (maybe consult an electrician to be safe).

Mason jars

Image via

4. Green

The colour green adds a freshness that is makes us excited to be spending time outdoors. If you’re not ready to go bold and your walls Kelly green, you can always incorporate it with the addition of indoor plants. Or by using home décor accessories such as pillows, art and rugs to give a fresh and modern appearance.

5. Brass & Gold

Brass and gold bring a warmth to a space that silver can never provide. Incorporate the brass and gold into your space in kitchen hardware and remember it doesn’t have to be shiny; brushed, etched or hammered finishes can give brass a more modern feel.

Happy shopping and decorating!

*Information referenced from ChumFM All About Style


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