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Should the listing agent be present at showings?

A client of mine recently asked me about the benefits of having the listing agent (me) present for all the showings.  In the city of Toronto, this sometimes happens when the property is really unique or over a certain price point.  There is a belief that having the listing agent there is going to help sell the property because they will be able to share all ‘special features’ or unique elements of the home with potential buyers.

As with most things, perception is quite different from reality.  In this video I share why I believe this actually hurts the sale of your home and why, despite what many believe, it’s not in the best interest of the seller.

It seems counterintuitive but when you put the buyer’s needs first, you actually help them fall in love with your home even more than any sales pitch a listing agent could offer. 

In my case, my client’s house was exceptional and it definitely needed more explanations and care.  The marketing that I suggested to them was going to allow for all the special features, and things that they adored about their home and the feelings it brought for them to be shared in a way that buyers would hear it, feel it and see it. But on their terms. Savvy agents who are properly skilled at marketing and sales know that every house is unique and it’s important to ‘sell’ the home in a way that works for both the buyer and the seller.  


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