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VIP Experience
Standout in the market

The Sage Select Experience is something I am proud to bring to my clients, as it truly is a unique program for clients to stand out in the market. Ready to learn more about this VIP experience, and receive the red carpet treatment for the sale of your home?

Discovering Sage Select
At Sage, we create high-quality custom content that is distributed creatively and thoughtfully.
By becoming a Sage Select client, you'll receive a true VIP experience when it comes to selling your home. By mixing traditional marketing with innovative digital strategies, we are on top of the latest trends and leading in the evolution of real estate. And yes, quality is key, but exposure is everything. Getting more eyes on your listing leads to a quick and easy sale, making us the go-to firm for selling your home.
And you're going to love all of the extra perks.
Not only do we ensure your listing is featured on all of the top sites, but our digital specialists connect and engage directly with potential buyers by using the most effective marketing tools to suit your property.
Key Differentiator: Elevated Marketing
Innovation allows Sage to remain relevant. The company has been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally as a thought leader for its innovation and creativity. Even Apple Canada approached Sage to help them develop and instruct a training course for the iPad and iPhone in the real estate business.
Fresh thinking is required when it comes to selling homes today. Over 87% of home buyers today start their search online as tech-savvy buyers are far more likely to click a mouse then pick up a phone to talk with an agent. We
make it easy for them and you.

With Sage’s industry-leading digital marketing team put to work on every single listing, qualified buyers see Sage listings online sooner and in an elegant, professional format. The result? Maximum marketplace exposure. More exposure equates to more money for Sage sellers.

It’s that simple.
But marketing doesn't stop online. Proven traditional techniques are also
employed: compelling print campaigns that generate buzz, open houses, canvassing of existing databases of potential buyers and working collaboratively with other agents to welcome their buyers into Sage listings.
You'll be wowed by our in house print + design studio, unmatched marketing, and international exposure- that just simply doesn't exist with a simple MLS listing.

Ready to elevate the sale of your home? Ask me what the Sage Select experience could do for you.
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