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Fridge Essentials

New Home, New You! Healthy Fridge/Fresh Firsts

Your fridge will be full of a ton of things eventually, but here’s a great place to start – with the basics! Add your own flare based on your tastes but most of these last a long time and go a long way


  1. Salad dressing – Annie’s, Organicville, etc

  2. Fruit Jam – 100% fruit

  3. Ketchup – Organicville

  4. Dijon Mustard

  5. Butter

  6. Hot Sauce – Annie’s BBQ Sauce – Organicville

*Choose any brand, but watch the sugar content, additives and preservatives


  1. Frozen fruit

  2. Frozen mixed vegetables

  3. Cooked frozen shrimp

  4. Uncooked frozen poultry/meat

  5. Grass fed burgers

  6. Edamame beans

Others to think of

  1. Greek yogurt

  2. Eggs

  3. Cheese

  4. Salsa

  5. Fresh fruits/vegetables of choice

  6. Milk of choice

Fridge Essentials

To help organize your kitchen even more in your new home, contact Sarah at to book an assessment, grocery tour, or kitchen clean out/set up so you can compliment your new home, with a new you!

To download your own copy of Fridge Essentials tip sheet. Brought to you by Sarah Maughan, Holistic Nutritionist, and Jen Dumitrescu, Real Estate Agent


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