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Kitchen Appliance/Tool Essentials

New Home, New You! Kitchen Appliance/Tool Essentials

Do you have some kitchen tools you want to toss? Never had your own kitchen before and not sure where to start? Here are my top kitchen gadgets/appliances/tools you need to make your kitchen cooking friendly!


  1. Kettle

  2. Blender

  3. Coffee maker (if necessary)

  4. Toaster


  1. Spatula

  2. Flipper

  3. Wooden spoon

  4. Tongs

  5. Strainer

  6. Grater

  7. Knife set – chef knife, steak knives

  8. Peeler Clips – closing bags

  9. Cutting board Measuring cups & spoons

  10. Whisk

  11. Hand towels

  12. Large mixing bowl

  13. Scissors

  14. Meat thermometer

  15. Wine opener


  1. Frying pan with a lid Wok with lid

  2. Pots – at least 2 sizes

  3. Casserole Dish with lid

  4. Cookie Pan

  5. Tupperware – multiple sizes


  1. Plates – large and small Glasses – a few sizes Bowls – a few sizes (dipping, cereal, soups)

  2. Cutlery (minimum 4 of each)

  3. Wine glasses

  4. Mugs

Optional – but helpful

  1. Steamer basket

  2. Muffin tins

  3. Cast iron skillet

  4. Food processer

  5. Electric beaters

  6. Turkey baster

  7. Zester

  8. Skewer sticks

  9. Potato masher

  10. Ladle

  11. Sauce brush

  12. Slow cooker ​

To help organize your kitchen even more in your new home, contact Sarah at to book an assessment, grocery tour, or kitchen clean out/set up so you can compliment your new home, with a new you!


To download your own copy of Kitchen Gadget Essentials tip sheet. Brought to you by Sarah Maughan, Holistic Nutritionist, and Jen Dumitrescu, Real Estate Agent


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