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Supreme Court will not hear TREB appeal to keep home sales data private

A ruling came out this week to allow home sale data to be public (meaning what homes have sold for). Personally I am very pleased with this decision because I believe there should be more transparency in our real estate world.

In reading some of the articles about the decision I noticed a consistent theme of “having this transparency will allow buyers to make more informed decisions”.

I can honestly say that any agent that is working for the best interest of their client has shown all this sold info to their client prior to them submitting an offer. So it’s already been happening. It’s not new. In my opinion, this decision isn’t about ‘data’, its about creating a higher level of professionalism for agents and a better experience for clients. This decision is going to highlight the difference between the ‘great’ agents and the ones that “need improvement”. The ones that take care, do their proper due diligence, are continuously learning and growing so they can stay current on the issues that could affect our clients. Agents that act like the professionals we are meant to be. You deserve more from your real estate agent.

If you would like to learn more about what you should be expecting from your agent and questions to ask reach out. I would be happy to send a questionnaire along.


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