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Toronto’s Best Croissants

(as voted by a local croissant lover)

As a real estate agent, I pride myself on knowing the city’s neighbourhoods. When you’re viewing a home in a new part of town, it’s important to know where the nearest schools are, the best parks, and of course … the best, flakiest, most buttery croissants!

To demonstrate just how seriously I take my job (and okay, maybe I just love croissants!), I scoured Toronto to find the best croissant. With pal Melissa Madian as my co-judge [check out our tour of the  city’s best rooftop bars here], we took on 16 different spots, and here are the results. When it’s move-in day and you’re looking for something quick for breakfast in your new spot, you can thank me …

A few notable mentions:

  1. Bonjour Brioche (812 Queen Street East): So cute I almost didn’t eat it (except, of course, I did)

  2. Le Beau Croissanterie (665 Dundas Street East): Bigger ain’t always better, but it might be when it comes to croissants

  3. Fleur du Jour (603 St. Clair Avenue West): Seemed more like bread than croissant?

  4. Cherry Bomb (79 Roncesvalles Avenue): Most likely to be found on Google Images

  5. Butter Baker (120 Dundas Street West): Least likely to be voted World’s Sexiest Croissant, but still my favourite

  6. OMG Baked Goodness (1561 Dundas Street West): Cutest bum

  7. Geste (1183 Dundas Street West): The new kid in town

  8. The Tempered Room (1374 Queen Street West): Tall, dark, and flakey (the croissant not my ex)

  9. Nadege Patisserie (780 Queen Street West, +more): A Toronto staple. And one of the BEST cheese croissants

  10. Le Gourmand (152 Spadina Avenue): Love you guys, but I’ll always prefer your AMAZING chocolate chip cookies

Just like when buying a home, different things matter more to everyone – and the same is true for croissant shopping! Here’s our individual favourites – clearly, these guys have got it figured out!


  1. Butter Baker

  2. Nadege Patisserie

  3. OMG Baked Goodness


  1. Geste

  2. OMG Baked Goodness

  3. Nadege Patisserie

While there’s no such thing as a bad croissant, you can’t have favourites without the runners-up. To prove I did my research, here’s the honourable mentions from the Great 2020 Croissant Search (hey, we all need pandemic projects!).

  1. Nord Lyon (665 Queen Street West)

  2. Filosophy (912 Bloor Street West)

  3. Marvelous by Fred (224 Queen Street West)

  4. Blackbird (635 Queen Street East)

  5. Roselle Desserts (108 Dovercourt Road, 362 King Street East)

  6. Pain Perdue (736 St. Clair Avenue West)

And on a fun, slightly different, but still the same note: while croissants are my favourite bread item, leon meringue is hands-down my favourite dessert. Imagine my total (and beyond excited) surprise when I found out that The Tempered Room combined them both for me (okay, not for me specifically, but it’s kinda like my dream come true, so let me have this). Pure delight!


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