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2019 Fall Market – Do you know everything?

2019 Fall Market – Do you know everything?


It’s officially fall, which means the fall real estate market is in full swing. (although, spoiler alert:  can we really call this a fall market?? Read more below!) 

Looking for a sneak peek of today’s topics?

  1. August Numbers

  2. Video – I bet you know someone.☺

  3. If Sellers only knew – the truth behind all the mistakes & bad marketing that cost you. $$$ 

  4. Buyers – how do you know what you need to know?  New resources to cut the confusion.

Typically, we see a bit of a slow down in the Toronto real estate market during the month of August: people are cottaging, vacationing, enjoying a slower pace of life.  Agents, as a result, take advantage of the quiet city to do the same.  

Is our market turning into a year round market?

This year was very different.  In the past, clients and I have often discussed “August is the time for deals”. 

This year I was surprised at how quickly condos/homes were selling and how frequently I was involved multiple offer situations.  

This got me thinking about the idea that maybe, given the demand (and the desire) to live in Toronto and the lack of inventory we have, we might find ourselves in a year round market.  Which could give people opportunities to buy and sell when it’s most convenient for them vs. trying to time the market.

How are this August’s numbers different?

And you can see we continue to see prices grow.

One thing to note: Every neighbourhood is different. So, if you have questions about what is happening in your ‘hood (or would like monthly stats sent to you)-please reach out. 

Do you know anyone looking to move?  

I love helping people in real estate. No matter where they are in their real estate path.  And I’m always very appreciative of all referrals. Not sure if you know anyone looking to move?  You might be surprised: ☺


Check out my recent blog that highlights some really bad mistakes some agents make when listing homes which cost YOU the seller $$$$.  Nice friends help other friends steer clear of those agents 😉


Real Estate is difficult and emotional.  The market can be confusing, knowing how to manoeuver the market can be challenging.  I want my clients to have a different experience. I’m working on a bunch of new resources to make things WAY easier.  Here’s one.

Thanks for your time!  I’m always here for questions. And to see more behind the scenes real estate stuff (the fun, silly and scary) follow me on IG.



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