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Damian’s Campaign: From Tragedy to Incredible Support for Canadian Children

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that every year I donate to Damian’s Campaign.  My good friend, Lindsay Holtz, started this charity in 2010 after the loss of her son during labor.

Lindsay had suffered many miscarriages before carrying her baby, Damian, to term. During labor, the baby was in distress, however, the doctors were too busy to notice. As a result, Damian suffered extreme oxygen deprivation and passed seven days later, driving Lindsay and her husband, Tim, to start a campaign helping other parents in the same situation. Eleven years later, Lindsay and Tim’s fundraising efforts have helped many local charities including Holland Bloorview. (For a full list of the charities please visit:

This year funds raised will go to help Holland Bloorview build an accessible playground. What Holland Bloorview has noticed, is that there are good programs to help children with disabilities (and more are coming with the help of this fundraising), what is missing is a way for siblings of these children, to interact together.  This is obviously a very important aspect for all of the children and with this park, they are hoping to bring families together. This year is extra special because there is a special donor who will match all donations. So if you are wondering what you can do during October’s month of Thanksgiving, and are looking to support a local initiative please consider Damian’s Campaign! And know that your dollars will be double matched.


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