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Important cold weather maintenance

With this cold weather I thought it would be a good time to mention the importance of yearly fireplace and furnace inspections.

Fireplaces should be inspected by a qualified technicians as improperly working fireplaces can cause a fire in your home; something to note, older homes built prior to 1955 may be at higher risk.

Furnaces and HVAC systems also require an annual checkup for similar reasons. This will ensure your equipment is operating safely and may address energy efficiency issues that can be resolved, saving you money in the long term.

If you are selling your house it is a good idea to have an inspection performed to demonstrate to potential buyers that everything is operating safely.

Another important issue to touch on is mould, especially given our recent weather conditions and the age of many homes in Toronto. Mould inspections can be done by certified technicians. Tests can be performed to detect moisture in the wall cavities with sophisticated infrared equipment. By having the air quality and moisture levels tested as a preventative measure it can save you money on costly repairs later down the track, not to mentioned possibly improve any allergies.


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