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Winterproofing Your Home


Check out my Quick & Easy Guide to Home Winter Proofing

Safety Checks

  1. Test your alarms and smoke detectors.

  2. Check fire extinguishers. Do you even have any? Costco and Home Depot offer different sizes for all homes. Know someone that just moved into a home? This could be a great holiday gift!

  3. Make sure you have emergency supplies in both your home and vehicle.

System Checks

  1. Replace furnace filter. This applies to condo and home owners.

  2. Clean dryer vents.

  3. Test and clean all exhaust fans.

Interior Inspection

  1. Move furniture away from vents for optimal heat efficiency.

  2. Look for any gaps or cracks that allow heat to escape and seal them up to keep heat in.

  3. Adding a few rugs that match your decor can help to keep floors warm.

  4. Hire a professional to inspect/clean your fireplace and furnace (if applicable).

  5. Place a cover over your exterior A/C unit to protect it from the elements.

  6. Changing ceiling fans to blow clockwise helps to push warm air around the room.

  7. Pick a room in the house and do a very thorough clean out. Unnecessary clutter/stuff can be a great way to miss leaks or critters. Not to mention it just feels good to have a clean space.

Exterior Inspection

  1. Trim vegetation so no leaves touch the walls of your home.

  2. Do a walkaround check of the foundation – look for any cracks or leaks.

  3. Empty and turn off any exterior faucets.

  4. Inspect exterior caulking for any shrinking or cracks – replace as needed.

Roof and Attic

  1. Perform a roof inspection and repair any loose shingles.

  2. Keep gutters clean of any debris will allow water to drain freely.

  3. Top up your attic insulation.


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